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Stir bars, without pivot ring, (polygon) 70mm x 9mm

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Presenting the United Scientific MSZ70 Stir Bars, without pivot ring, featuring a polygon shape that measures 70mm x 9mm. These magnetic stir bars are the perfect choice for any laboratory that requires efficient and reliable stirring of liquids free from any spillage or cross-contamination.

Every stir bar is made with high-quality magnets coated with PTFE, ensuring that they exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear and tear. Their unique polygon shape provides maximum stability and reduces friction, allowing for smoother, quicker, and more effective stirring.

These stir bars come in packs of four, providing you with excellent value for money. They're also available in individual sizes of polygon, octagon, and egg-shaped, as well as two convenient assortments to meet all of your laboratory needs.

The United Scientific MSZ70 Stir Bars have been designed to work without a pivot ring, making them practical and user-friendly. They can be used in a wide range of applications such as microbiology, biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories. These stir bars are also compatible with various types of mixing equipment, such as magnetic stirrers.

For added convenience, stir bar retrievers are also available, ensuring safe and easy removal of these stir bars from your mixing equipment.

It should be noted that the United Scientific MSZ70 Stir Bars have a warning about carcinogenic substances and reproductive hazards per the California Proposition 65. Therefore, users should handle them with care and take precautions to mitigate any risks.

In conclusion, the United Scientific MSZ70 Stir Bars are a reliable and practical choice for any lab that requires efficient and safe stirring of liquids. They offer exceptional value, performance, and compatibility with various types of laboratory equipment. Get yours today and experience the convenience and efficiency of excellent quality stir bars.
 United Scientific MSZ70 Stir bars, without pivot ring, (polygon) 70mm x 9mm

Stir bars, without pivot ring, (polygon) 70mm x 9mm