Stir bars, with pivot ring, (octagon) 40mm x 8mm,

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United Scientific MSB40 Stir Bars are a must-have laboratory accessory for scientists and researchers looking for efficient mixing results. These stir bars are designed to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring optimal performance in all stirring applications. The stir bars have a pivot ring that enhances their stability when placed into a container to facilitate efficient movement.

Made from high-quality magnets coated with PTFE material, these stirring bars are durable, chemical-resistant, and offer excellent chemical inertness. These exceptional properties ensure that the stir bars are easy to clean and maintain at all times. Additionally, they can be used with a wide range of chemical substances, making them ideal for various laboratory applications.

With octagon-shaped heads and a diameter of 40mm x 8mm, United Scientific MSB40 Stir Bars guarantee efficient mixing of your samples. The bars are reliable and produce consistent results through agitation, ensuring homogeneous mixing.

To make it more convenient for users, our stir bars come in packages of 8, which are easily replaceable when one needs to be changed. We also provide extensive instruction on the use, care, and maintenance of these stir bars.

In conclusion, United Scientific MSB40 Stir Bars are your go-to solution for all your mixing needs in the laboratory. They are reliable, durable, and easy to clean, ensuring optimal performance and consistent results. Purchase our stir bars, and you will not be disappointed in their incredible results. However, please note that due to their magnetic nature, it is important to keep them away from pacemakers and other magnetic-sensitive devices.


 United Scientific MSB40 Stir bars, with pivot ring, (octagon) 40mm x 8mm,

Stir bars, with pivot ring, (octagon) 40mm x 8mm,