Stir bars, with pivot ring, (octagon) 35mm x 9mm

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The United Scientific MSB35 Stir bars with pivot ring boast a high-quality construction that includes magnets coated with PTFE. This coating ensures the stir bars' durability and reliability, making them ideal for use in laboratories.

The octagon shape and size of the stir bars measure 35mm x 9mm, making them perfect for stirring small to medium-sized volumes. The included pivot ring further enhances the stir bar's performance by ensuring the stir bar remains centered during the mixing process. This feature not only ensures efficient mixing but also prevents unwanted splashing and reduces the risk of contamination.

These stir bars are highly adaptable and come in various individual sizes, including polygon, octagon, and egg-shaped. Two convenient assortments are also available for widespread laboratory use. To ensure proper handling of these sensitive laboratory tools, stir bar retrievers are also available and sold separately.

It is essential to use caution when handling these powerful laboratory tools as they contain magnets. Always be sure to follow safety protocols for using any laboratory equipment, including the United Scientific MSB35 Stir bars. These stir bars may contain substances identified by the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. It is critical to handle these stir bars with the utmost care and to follow all safety instructions and warnings.

In summary, these United Scientific MSB35 Stir bars with pivot ring, (octagon) 35mm x 9mm, are perfect for any laboratory setting. They are highly durable, reliable, and boast an impressive performance level. They come in various sizes, including polygon, octagon, and egg-shaped, and two assortments for your convenience. Be sure to use them with care to prevent accidental contamination and always follow safety instructions.


 United Scientific MSB35 Stir bars, with pivot ring, (octagon) 35mm x 9mm

Stir bars, with pivot ring, (octagon) 35mm x 9mm