Steel horseshoe magnet, 6"

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The United Scientific SHM060 Steel Horseshoe Magnet, 6" (8/ea) is a powerhouse when it comes to magnetism. The strong steel material ensures a powerful pull and the zinc-plating further enhances its durability. The magnet comes with North and South poles clearly marked, making it easy to identify the polarity.

One of the standout features of this magnet is that it comes with a keeper. This is a small metal plate that fits snugly over the ends of the magnet, which helps preserve its magnetization when not in use. This is a valuable feature as it ensures that the magnet remains powerful for a longer time and saves you from having to replace it sooner than you expected.

The United Scientific SHM060 Steel Horseshoe Magnet, 6" (8/ea) is an ideal tool for both scientific and educational purposes. It can be used to demonstrate the basics of magnetism, such as polarity, attraction, and repulsion. It is also perfect for laboratory experiments and scientific research. It is an essential tool for physics, chemistry, and biology educators and students.

However, it is important to note that the United Scientific SHM060 Steel Horseshoe Magnet, 6" (8/ea) comes with a warning. It may contain substances that are known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. This warning is in accordance with Proposition 65, a law in California that requires products to be labeled with clear warnings if they contain substances that could be harmful to the consumer.

In conclusion, the United Scientific SHM060 Steel Horseshoe Magnet, 6" (8/ea) is a sturdy and powerful magnet that is perfect for scientific and educational purposes. With its zinc-plated finish and keeper, it is built to last and retain its magnetization for a longer time. Just be sure to handle it with care and in accordance with the safety instructions provided.


 United Scientific SHM060 Steel horseshoe magnet, 6"

Steel horseshoe magnet, 6"