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Spot plate, porcelain, 12 wells

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The United Scientific JSC012 Spot Plate is the perfect addition to any laboratory setting. This porcelain plate features twelve wells for conducting spot tests and color-reactions. Each well is carefully crafted and glazed, with the exception of the bottom surface, to ensure accuracy and reliability during experiments. The plate's dimensions, at 115mm in length and 88mm in width, make it a compact and convenient tool for any lab or classroom.

This spot plate is ideal for chemistry students, professionals, and educators who require precise, consistent results. The JSC012 Spot Plate can be used for a variety of applications, including testing solubility, reaction rates, and pH levels. The wells can also be used to mix and dilute small amounts of chemicals or to hold samples for observation.

Each JSC012 Spot Plate is sold individually and comes with 8 porcelain spot plates. The plate is carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery and storage. For larger orders, a quantity of 12 plates is included in each case.

The United Scientific JSC012 Spot Plate represents a high-quality option for any laboratory that requires a reliable tool for conducting chemical reactions. Its porcelain construction ensures that it is both durable and easy to clean, allowing for multiple uses by its owner. Add this high-performing spot plate to your laboratory today to achieve accurate and dependable results every time.
 United Scientific JSC012 Spot plate, porcelain, 12 wells

Spot plate, porcelain, 12 wells