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Spark timer

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is an innovative product that is designed to measure time intervals using spark-produced sound waves. This technology is perfect for physics labs, science experiments and can be used in educational settings or as an instrument in scientific research.

Detailed Description

The United Scientific SPARK1 Spark timer (2/ea) is a unique instrument that provides accurate measurement of time using sound waves produced by a spark. Instead of relying on conventional methods like a stop watch, this device produces a precise sound wave at a fixed frequency every second. The spark from the gap between the electrodes is picked up by a microphone that is placed within the spark box unit. The microphone then amplifies the spark impulse from the spark gap and converts it into an electrical signal.

The SPARK1 Spark Timer has two red wires attached to metal electrodes that are placed in parallel to each other at a fixed distance. The time interval between the sparks is measured by the SPARK1 and the time is displayed on an LED display.

The device is designed to be durable and easy to use, with a sturdy design that allows it to withstand the rigors of lab use. The timer also comes with a two-socket spark box that allows for two spark gaps to be used simultaneously. This feature makes it optimal for experiments that require different timing measurements to be made simultaneously.

Apart from its accuracy and robustness, the SPARK1 timer is also easy to set up and use. The device is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around, and its simple interface allows one to get started right away without much technical expertise.

Whether you're a scientist, educator or an experimenter, the SPARK1 Spark Timer is the perfect instrument for your experiments, physics labs or educational set ups. Get yours today and enjoy accurate time measurements, long-lasting reliability combined with simplicity and ease of use.
 United Scientific SPARK1 Spark timer

Spark timer