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Single Plant Belt Thresher Catch Bucket

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Portable Single Plant Belt Thresher

The SSPBT is designed specifically for threshing single plants of soybeans, sugar beets, edible beans, or other similar crops that have padded grains or heads of grains.

It has adjustable clearance between the belts to regulate threshing aggressiveness.

The air column cleaning system will help clean and keep seed samples pure.

There is a feeding chute and side delivery seed collection chute.

Dimensions 48"L x 48"W x 48-1/2"H, Domestic Ship Wt. 520 lbs. Export 540 lbs.

Standard Equipped:

  • 14" Wide
  • hinged safety cover guards
  • easily accessible start switch and safety kill switch
  • Adjustable clearance between belts to regulate threshing aggressiveness
  • Air column cleaning system for clean seed samples
  • US standard size drive components and parts
  • Quite operations for indoor use
  • Feeding tray directs crop into threshing area
  • Side delivery seed collection chute
  • Spring loaded door on seed chute to allow bagging small samples
  • Spring loaded door can be locked in open position for continuous threshing
  • Designed for use by single operator
  • Trash containment curtain
  • Clear plastic window installed in seed chute
  • Electric models come with seed chute light

Please select a base model along with a power configuration, belt type, frame type, upper trash deflector, and crating

Models and Parts

  • SSPBTE: Single Plant Thresher SSPBT Electric
  • SSPBT-E11: Export Spare Parts For Gas Power
  • SSPBT-E10: Export Spare Parts For Electric Power
  • SSPBT-E7: Replacement Lower Belt (Chevron, Ribbed)
  • SSPBT-E6: Replacement Upper Belt (Chevron, Ribbed)
  • SSPBT-E5: Catch Bucket
  • SSPBT-E4: Tag Holder
  • SSPBT-E3: Seed Chute Extension For Feeding Into Envelopes (1 Included)
  • SSPBT-E2: Lighted Seed Chute (Standard)
  • SSPBT-E1: Root Cutter With Hand Grip Mounted On Thresher
  • SSPBT-D3: Threshing Plenum Adaptor W/ Window And Flipper (APL)
  • SSPBT-D2: Trash Deflector With Window And Flipper
  • SSPBT-D1: Standard Trash Deflector
  • SSPBT-C3: Stationary Stand W/ Casters For Elec Models Only (Taller)
  • SSPBT-C2: Stationary Stand For Elec Models Only (Shorter)
  • SSPBT-C1A: Axle Lift Kit Option
  • SSPBT-C1: Axles With Tongue
  • SSPBT-B6: Upper Chevron/Lower Mini-Cleat Lock Belt For Single Plant
  • SSPBT-B5: Upper Smooth/Lower Mini-Cleat Lock Belts For Single Plant
  • SSPBT-B4: Upper Smooth/Lower Chevron Belts For Single Plant Belt
  • SSPBT-B1: Upper/Lower Chevron Belt For Single Plant Belt Thresher
  • SSPBT-A5: 4.2Hp Air Cooled Diesel Engine
  • SSPBT-A4: 3Hp Air Cooled Gas Engine
  • SSPBT-A3: 220V 3/4Hp 50 Hz Electric Motor
  • SSPBT-A2: 220V 3/4Hp 60 Hz Electric Motor
  • SSPBT-A1: 110V 3/4Hp 60 Hz Electric Motor
  • SSPBT/EX: Export Crating For Portable Belt Thresher
  • SSPBT/DOM: Domestic Crating For Portable Belt Thresher


 Seedburo SSPBT-E5 Single Plant Belt Thresher Catch Bucket

Single Plant Belt Thresher Catch Bucket

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