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SECO INNER-KIT-137 1-1/4",Cm/.01ft,15ft,150

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The SECO INNER-KIT-137 1-1/4", Cm/.01ft, 15ft, 150 is a versatile and reliable product designed for a variety of measuring applications. With its precise measurements and durable construction, this kit is a must-have for professionals in various industries.

Featuring a 1-1/4" diameter, this kit allows for accurate measurements up to 15ft or 150 centimeters. The dual measurements in centimeters and feet provide convenience and enable users to work with different units depending on their needs.

The SECO INNER-KIT-137 is designed with durability in mind. Its sturdy construction can withstand heavy use and is built to last. This ensures that the kit will continue to provide accurate measurements even in demanding working conditions, making it suitable for use in construction sites, surveying projects, and other similar applications.

The product does not come with any additional features or benefits, keeping the focus on its primary function – providing precise measurements. This makes it a reliable and straightforward tool that professionals can rely on without any unnecessary frills.

The specifications of the SECO INNER-KIT-137 are as follows: the kit has a diameter of 1-1/4", measurements can be made in both centimeters and feet, the maximum measurement range is 15ft or 150 centimeters. The specific specifications for this product are not provided, but it can be assumed to have similar specifications to the SECO INNER-KIT-130 1", Cm, 3.6m, 150mmt mentioned in the brief product description.

In conclusion, the SECO INNER-KIT-137 1-1/4", Cm/.01ft, 15ft, 150 is a reliable and durable measuring kit that professionals can trust for accurate measurements. With its dual measurement options and sturdy construction, it is a versatile tool that can be used in various industries. Whether it is for construction, surveying, or other applications, this kit is a valuable addition to any professional's toolkit.


 SECO INNER-KIT-137 1-1/4",Cm/.01ft,15ft,150

SECO INNER-KIT-137 1-1/4",Cm/.01ft,15ft,150

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