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SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob / 18 oz (510 g)

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and provides reliable and accurate plumb line readings.

Detailed Product Description

The SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob is a durable and dependable tool that is designed to assist in achieving precise vertical alignments. Made from solid brass, this plumb bob is precision-machined to ensure optimal accuracy and performance. The heavy-duty construction guarantees that it can endure the demands of professional use and provide reliable results.

With a weight of 18 oz (510 g), this plumb bob offers substantial heft for maintaining a steady plumb line. It effectively counterbalances the force of gravity while providing a clear reference point, allowing you to align objects and constructions with great precision. The weight of this plumb bob is carefully calculated to ensure stability and accuracy in vertical measurements.

Equipped with a hardened steel point, the SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob ensures durability and longevity. The hardened steel ensures that the point remains sharp and can penetrate various surfaces with ease, providing consistent and reliable results. Additionally, each plumb bob includes a storage area for a spare point, offering convenience and versatility in case a replacement is ever needed.

The SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob is a versatile and reliable tool ideal for professionals such as surveyors, carpenters, and engineers. It assists in performing tasks that require the precision and accuracy of vertical alignment, such as plumbing, leveling, and measuring vertical distances. This plumb bob is trusted by professionals around the world for its durability, accuracy, and ease of use.

Overall, the SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob is a must-have tool for any professional seeking precise and accurate vertical alignments. Its solid brass construction, hardened steel point, and convenient spare point storage make it a reliable and long-lasting companion for a range of applications. Invest in the SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob and experience the excellence of a trusted and renowned brand in the industry.


 SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob / 18 oz (510 g)

SECO 6000-018 Plumb Bob / 18 oz (510 g)

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