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The SECO 5910-004-ACL EXTENSION,30cm,ACL is a high-quality extension designed for use in combination with the SECO 5910-003 Holder,Vial,Mini Prism. This extension is perfect for professionals in the surveying and engineering fields who require precise measurements and reliable equipment for their work.

With a length of 30cm, this extension offers users the flexibility they need to accurately collect data and measure distances. The ACL feature ensures that the extension is securely attached to the holder, preventing any accidental disconnections or movements that could compromise the accuracy of the measurements.

The SECO 5910-004-ACL EXTENSION,30cm,ACL is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Made from high-quality materials, it can withstand the rigors of regular use in challenging work environments. Professionals can rely on this extension to provide them with consistent and accurate results, even in demanding conditions.

This extension does not come with any additional features or benefits. However, it is compatible with the SECO 5910-003 Holder,Vial,Mini Prism, which offers additional features such as vial leveling for improved accuracy and ease of use. By combining the SECO 5910-004-ACL EXTENSION,30cm,ACL with the SECO 5910-003 Holder,Vial,Mini Prism, professionals can enjoy a complete and reliable measurement solution.

The SECO 5910-004-ACL EXTENSION,30cm,ACL does not have any specific specifications listed. However, professionals can expect a high level of quality and performance from this extension, thanks to SECO's reputation for manufacturing precision instruments.

Overall, the SECO 5910-004-ACL EXTENSION,30cm,ACL is an essential tool for professionals in the surveying and engineering fields. Its reliability, durability, and compatibility with the SECO 5910-003 Holder,Vial,Mini Prism make it a valuable addition to any measurement toolkit. With this extension, professionals can trust that their measurements are accurate, allowing them to work efficiently and with confidence.




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