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Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice

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Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice

The Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice with wider opening is used to regulate flow of heavier-grade petroleum products during testing for viscosity. It has a threaded opening that easily attaches to the Stainless Steel Viscometer Tube.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Wider opening allows for controlled flow of heavier-grade petroleum products

Accessories for Saybolt Viscosity Bath:

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM D 4796

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The Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice is an essential tool for regulating the flow of heavier-grade petroleum products during viscosity testing. This product features a wider opening that allows for a controlled and precise flow of these petroleum products.

Made of durable stainless steel, the Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice is built to withstand the demanding conditions of viscosity testing. The threaded opening makes it easy to attach to the Stainless Steel Viscometer Tube, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

To complement this product, we offer a range of accessories for Saybolt Viscosity Bath. The Hi-Temperature Silicone Bath Fluid is used for temperature control during viscosity testing of asphalt binder specimens, with a flashpoint of up to 572°F (300°C). The White Mineral Oil is designed for temperatures up to 200°F (93.4°C), providing reliable and consistent results.

For collection and withdrawal of petroleum fluids during viscosity testing, we offer the 60ml Receiving Flask and 60ml Withdrawal Pipette. These accessories are specifically designed to ensure accurate and efficient testing procedures.

To meet different testing requirements, we offer various orifices, including the Universal Orifice and Furol Orifice. These orifices regulate the flow of petroleum liquids during viscosity testing, allowing for precise and reliable measurements. The Orifice Wrench ensures a tight seal with the orifices, guaranteeing accurate test results.

In addition, we provide the Road Oil Orifice, specifically designed to regulate the flow of heavier petroleum samples in viscosity testing. The corresponding Wrench for Road Oil Orifices is included to facilitate the connection and tightening of these orifices.

To further enhance the versatility of our Saybolt Viscometer, we offer the Orifice Socket Wrench, which enables easy removal and tightening of tubes and other hardware. The Stainless Steel Tube and Brass Tube are also available to hold petroleum liquid samples during viscosity testing.

The Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice complies with Test Methods including AASHTO T 72, ASTM D 88, and ASTM D 4796, ensuring accurate and consistent results. Explore our full line of Viscometers, Asphalt Binder Testing, Brookfield Viscometers, and Asphalt Testing to complete your testing needs.

Trust the Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice and our comprehensive range of accessories to deliver reliable and precise viscosity testing for your petroleum products.
Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice

Saybolt Viscometer Road Oil Orifice