Seedburo VRIMAT-RYE/OAT Rye/Oat Training Mat


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Grain Grading/Training Mats

Seedburo offers Grain Grading Mats, produced by USDA-AMS/FGIS, which are used in training sessions for grain industry inspectors. The mats are double sided with the commonly shared production area crop. (Corn-Soybean, Rye-Oats, etc) Included on the mat are the grade requirements chart, official “wheat” colored picking surface and many of the principal damage images.

The mats measure 10" (L) x 16" (W) unfolded and are printed on 300gsm blue-core smooth playing card stock for extended wear. These are often used as grading aids for in-house inspectors, but do not replace the official Visual Reference Images (VRI) for official grain inspection. In addition, some of the VRI Mats are available in Spanish or other languages - new mats are added based on market demand.


  • VRIMAT-BARLEY/OIL: Barley/Oilseed Training Mat
  • VRIMAT-CORN/SOY: Corn/Soybean Training Mat
  • VRIMAT-CORN/SOY-S: Corn/Soybean Training Mat (Spanish)
  • VRIMAT-PEAS/LENTILS: Pea/Lentil Training Mat
  • VRIMAT-RICE: Rice Training Mat
  • VRIMAT-RYE/OAT: Rye/Oat Training Mat
  • VRIMAT-WHEAT/SOR: Wheat/Sorghum Training Mat
  • VRIMAT-WHEAT/SOR-S: Wheat/Sorghum Training Mat (Spanish)
  • VRI-TRAININGMAT: Picking Surface, Double Sided (Plain) 10in x 16in
 Seedburo VRIMAT-RYE/OAT Rye/Oat Training Mat

Seedburo VRIMAT-RYE/OAT Rye/Oat Training Mat