Rubber stoppers, 1-hole, #5 1/2 (pk of 1LB )

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The United Scientific RST5A-H rubber stoppers are an essential laboratory tool that delivers durable functionality over an extended period of time. Made of solid natural rubber, these stoppers come in a sleek black color and are perfect for use with non-aggressive or concentrated solutions. With a low sulfur content, they can withstand temperatures ranging from -25 to 70 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Each stopper comes with its size marked in raised figures, offering easy identification and selection during experiments. With a one-hole configuration, these stoppers are ideal for use with test tubes, flasks, and other laboratory equipment. They are also available in solid and two-hole versions, catering to a broad spectrum of laboratory requirements.

Supplied in one-pound bags, the United Scientific RST5A-H rubber stoppers are economical and practical, making them a perfect solution for routine laboratory work. These stoppers are also autoclavable, ensuring maximum hygiene and safety during experiments.

The stopper size of 5½ is compatible with a vast range of laboratory apparatus, and each pound of the product contains approximately 21 stoppers. With a top diameter of 28mm, bottom diameter of 24mm, and a hole size of 5mm, the United Scientific RST5A-H rubber stoppers are a versatile and reliable lab accessory.

In summary, United Scientific RST5A-H Rubber Stoppers, 1-hole, #5 1/2 (pk of 1LB)(8/pks) are a high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective laboratory accessory that is a must-have in any laboratory setup, be it professional or academic.


 United Scientific RST5A-H Rubber stoppers, 1-hole, #5 1/2 (pk of 1LB )

Rubber stoppers, 1-hole, #5 1/2 (pk of 1LB )