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Round Friction Collar, 54in Diameter, 100kip

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Round Friction Collar, 54in Diameter, 100kip

  • Deslauriers' 50 K Friction Collars are designed to facilitate the accurate grading and controlled stripping of false work.
  • Incorporated into the collar design are (2) 50K  or (2) 25K screw jacks, each of which can be adjusted to 6".
  • Friction Collars are available in standard sizes from 20" dia thru 60" dia.
  • Larger sizes and strengths (25K and 50K) are available.
  • Friction Collars for square/rectangular columns also available.

The Round Friction Collar, with a diameter of 54 inches and a strength of 100 kip, is the perfect tool for accurate grading and controlled stripping of false work. Manufactured by Deslauriers, a trusted name in construction equipment, this friction collar is designed to meet the needs of contractors and builders.

With its unique design, the Round Friction Collar incorporates two screw jacks, either 50k or 25k, that can be adjusted to a maximum of 6 inches. This allows for easy leveling and adjustment of the false work, ensuring a precise and stable foundation.

Available in a range of standard sizes from 20 inches to 60 inches in diameter, the friction collar can cater to various construction needs. For larger projects, Deslauriers also offers friction collars with strengths of 25k and 50k.

The versatility of the Round Friction Collar extends beyond round columns. Deslauriers offers friction collars specifically designed for square or rectangular columns, providing a comprehensive range of options for formwork needs.

For easy access to information and resources, Deslauriers provides a downloadable PDF that showcases the full line of their concrete forming accessories. They also have a wide range of concrete tremie pipe and products available, ensuring that contractors have everything they need for a successful construction project.

When it comes to false work, precision and reliability are crucial. The Round Friction Collar, with its sturdy construction and adjustable screw jacks, guarantees a level and secure foundation. Trust Deslauriers to provide top-quality construction equipment that can handle the demands of any project.

 Deslauriers FC-54.100 Round Friction Collar, 54in Diameter, 100kip

Round Friction Collar, 54in Diameter, 100kip