RETSCH Sieve 180 degree Stainless Steel 1.25 mm, Trapezoid holes

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The RETSCH 36470045 Sieve is an exceptional piece of equipment designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this sieve offers unparalleled durability and longevity, ensuring that it will withstand even the most demanding applications.

Featuring 180-degree trapezoid holes, this sieve boasts excellent sieving efficiency, allowing for quick and accurate separation of materials. The 1.25 mm aperture size ensures versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals and chemicals to food and agriculture.

The meticulously engineered trapezoid holes on this sieve provide superior particle retention while facilitating efficient flow of materials. This unique design minimizes clogging and ensures consistent performance throughout the sieving process, saving you valuable time and effort.

With its precision-aligned stainless steel frame and mesh, the RETSCH 36470045 Sieve guarantees reliable and reproducible results. The high-quality stainless steel construction contributes to easy cleaning and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for laboratories and production facilities where hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance.

This sieve is also compatible with a variety of sieve shakers, allowing for seamless integration into your existing equipment setup. Its ergonomic design ensures easy handling, while the durable stainless steel frame ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments.

Whether you are in research and development or quality control, the RETSCH 36470045 Sieve is a valuable tool that delivers accurate and efficient sieving. Its innovative design, exceptional durability, and unmatched sieving performance make it an indispensable asset for professionals across various industries.

Invest in the RETSCH 36470045 Sieve and experience the difference it can make in your daily operations. With its superior durability, precise sieving capabilities, and easy maintenance, this sieve is engineered to excel in even the most demanding applications. Trust in RETSCH to bring you reliable and innovative solutions for all your sieving needs.


 RETSCH 36470045, Sieve 180 degree Stainless Steel 1.25 mm, Trapezoid holes

RETSCH Sieve 180 degree Stainless Steel 1.25 mm, Trapezoid holes