RETSCH Screw-Lock grinding jars MM 500, Zirconium Oxide, 80ml

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The RETSCH 14620417 Screw-Lock grinding jars MM 500, made of high-quality zirconium oxide, offer the perfect solution for all your grinding needs. With a capacity of 80ml, these jars are designed to provide efficient and precise grinding for a wide range of materials.

Crafted with durable zirconium oxide, these grinding jars ensure long-lasting performance and excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. The high-quality material used in their construction makes them ideal for grinding hard, brittle, and tough materials, effectively reducing sample contamination. Whether you're working with ceramics, minerals, electronic scrap, or pharmaceuticals, these grinding jars are capable of delivering consistent and reproducible results.

Featuring a unique Screw-Lock mechanism, these jars securely hold the grinding balls in place, preventing them from loosening during the grinding process. This not only ensures optimal grinding performance but also minimizes the risk of sample loss or cross-contamination.

The design of the Screw-Lock grinding jars MM 500 is user-friendly, allowing for easy handling and quick and convenient opening and closing. The secure closure mechanism ensures that the jars are tightly sealed, preventing any leakage that could compromise the integrity of your samples.

These jars are compatible with the MM 500 mixer mills, but can also be used with other RETSCH mills. Whether you're in a research laboratory, a quality control facility, or a production environment, the versatility and adaptability of these grinding jars make them an essential tool for any grinding application.

In summary, the RETSCH 14620417 Screw-Lock grinding jars MM 500, made from zirconium oxide and with a capacity of 80ml, offer a reliable and efficient solution for your grinding needs. With their durable construction, secure Screw-Lock mechanism, and compatibility with various mills, these grinding jars are the ideal choice for achieving consistent and high-quality grinding results. Invest in the RETSCH 14620417 Screw-Lock grinding jars MM 500 to enhance your grinding processes and achieve superior sample preparation.


 RETSCH 14620417, Screw-Lock grinding jars MM 500, Zirconium Oxide, 80ml

RETSCH Screw-Lock grinding jars MM 500, Zirconium Oxide, 80ml