RETSCH Full metal knife, for cryogenic grinding, 4 blades, Accessory for GM 200

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The RETSCH 224460002 is a full metal knife designed specifically for cryogenic grinding. With its four blades, this accessory is the perfect addition to the GM 200 grinder, allowing for efficient and precise sample preparation.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the full metal knife guarantees durability and long-lasting performance. Its robust construction ensures stability and reliability during the grinding process, making it an essential tool for any laboratory or research facility.

The cryogenic grinding capability of this knife sets it apart from other accessories on the market. By utilizing the power of cryogenics, this accessory can easily grind tough and resilient materials, such as plastics, rubber, or even food samples. The low temperatures achieved during the grinding process preserve the integrity of the samples, preventing degradation and ensuring accurate results.

Equipped with four blades, the RETSCH 224460002 enables fast and effective grinding. The precision-engineered blades are sharp and finely honed, allowing for efficient reduction of sample size. This accessory guarantees consistent and reproducible particle size distribution, essential for obtaining reliable and meaningful data.

The full metal knife is specifically designed for use with the GM 200 grinder, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration. Its user-friendly design enables easy installation and removal, minimizing downtime and enhancing workflow efficiency. With this accessory, users can quickly switch between different sample types and achieve optimal grinding results.

Whether in academic research, industrial applications, or quality control laboratories, the RETSCH 224460002 full metal knife for cryogenic grinding is a reliable and indispensable accessory. Its exceptional durability, cryogenic grinding capability, and precision make it the go-to tool for sample preparation. Invest in the RETSCH 224460002 and elevate your grinding process to new heights of efficiency and accuracy.


 RETSCH 224460002, Full metal knife, for cryogenic grinding, 4 blades, Accessory for GM 200

RETSCH Full metal knife, for cryogenic grinding, 4 blades, Accessory for GM 200