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RETSCH Dist Sieve , SS 0.08 mm, Trapezoid holes, Accessory for ZM 200 Standard

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The RETSCH 36470253 Dist Sieve is an essential accessory designed specifically for the ZM 200 Standard. This stainless steel sieve with a mesh size of 0.08 mm has trapezoid holes that guarantee efficient sieving and accurate separation of materials.

Crafted with precision, this sieve ensures that only particles within the desired size range pass through, while larger particles are retained. It offers exceptional durability and longevity, making it a reliable tool for various industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing.

The trapezoid holes on this sieve are strategically designed to prevent clogging and enhance the sieving process. With its high-quality construction, this sieve delivers consistent and reproducible results, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your analyses.

The RETSCH 36470253 Dist Sieve is easy to use, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. Its compatibility with the ZM 200 Standard guarantees a seamless integration, allowing you to achieve optimal performance and efficiency. Whether you need to perform particle size analysis or separate different components, this sieve is a versatile solution that meets your specific requirements.

This sieve is not just a useful tool, but also a cost-effective investment. Its robust construction and resistance to wear and tear reduce the need for frequent replacements, saving you time and money in the long run. Additionally, its easy maintenance ensures hassle-free operation and minimizes downtime, maximizing productivity in your laboratory or manufacturing facility.

When it comes to quality and accuracy, the RETSCH 36470253 Dist Sieve sets the standard. With its trapezoid holes and stainless steel construction, it offers exceptional performance and durability. Whether you are conducting research, quality control, or routine analysis, this sieve ensures precise results every time.

Choose the RETSCH 36470253 Dist Sieve for seamless compatibility, reliable performance, and exceptional value. Upgrade your sieving capabilities and elevate the efficiency of your operations with this essential accessory for the ZM 200 Standard.
 RETSCH 36470253, Dist Sieve , SS 0.08 mm, Trapezoid holes, Accessory for ZM 200 Standard

RETSCH Dist Sieve , SS 0.08 mm, Trapezoid holes, Accessory for ZM 200 Standard