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RETSCH AS 200 Air Jet Sieving Machine

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The RETSCH 300270001 AS 200 Air Jet Sieving Machine is the perfect solution for efficient dispersion and desagglomeration of powdered materials. This innovative machine incorporates air jet technology to provide accurate and reproducible sieve cuts.

With the option to store up to 10 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), this sieving machine ensures that your results are always consistent and meaningful. The automatic vacuum regulator, available as an accessory, guarantees reproducibility and further enhances the accuracy of your sieving process.

The AS 200 jet features an Open Mesh function, allowing you to reduce the number of near-mesh particles and achieve even better results. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the nozzle speed according to your specific requirements. You can also choose to use standard 2" high test sieves, further expanding the versatility of this air jet technology.

The functioning principle of the AS 200 jet revolves around a rotating slotted nozzle that disperses particles on the sieve through a strong jet of air generated by a vacuum. The air jet not only helps in deagglomerating the particles but also constantly purges the sieve mesh, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

This sieving machine can be used in a wide range of industries, including ceramics, chemical products, cosmetics, food, minerals, pharmaceutical materials, pigments, plastics, powder coating, rubber, toner, and washing powder, among others.

The AS 200 jet offers numerous advantages, including sieving with air jet technology, flexible and adjustable nozzle speed, compatibility with standard Retsch sieves, optional manual or automatic pressure regulation, and the ability to control and evaluate results using the EasySieve software.

Furthermore, this sieving machine is easy to operate, with a user-friendly design and easy adjustment of process parameters. It operates silently due to its integrated silencer and requires minimal maintenance. The memory function allows you to store up to 9 SOPs for easy and quick access.

In conclusion, the RETSCH 300270001 AS 200 Air Jet Sieving Machine is a versatile and efficient tool for all your sieving needs. Whether you need dispersion, desagglomeration, or accurate sieve cuts, this advanced machine guarantees reproducible and meaningful results every time.

The new RETSCH 300270001 Air Jet Sieve AS 200 jet is particularly suitable for sieve cuts of powdered materials which require efficient dispersion and desagglomeration. The option to store up to 10 SOPs and the automatic vacuum regulator (accessory) guarantees reproducible and meaningful results. 

Innovative features such as the Open Mesh function, the selection of the nozzle speed as well as optional use of standard 2" high test sieves perfects the new air jet technology.

Function Principle

The RETSCH 300270001 AS 200 jet is equipped with a rotating slotted nozzle. The sieve and lid are placed above the nozzle. A vacuum generates a strong jet of air which disperses the particles on the sieve through the slotted nozzle. The material which is smaller than the mesh size of the sieve is transported by the back flow of the air to the cyclone or to the vacuum cleaner. The air jet helps to deagglomerate the particles and constantly purges the sieve mesh.

Application Examples

ceramics, chemical products, cosmetics, food, minerals, pharmaceutical materials, pigments, plastics, powder coating, rubber, toner, washing powder, ...

Product Advantages

  • sieving with air jet technology for dispersion and desagglomeration of fine powders
  • Open Mesh Function to reduce the number of near-mesh particles
  • high flexibility through adjustable nozzle speed
  • operation with standard Retsch sieves, 203 mm (8")Ø or 200 mm Ø (with adapter), 1" or 2" high
  • free manual (standard) or automatic (accessory) pressure regulation
  • optional software EasySieve for control through RS232 serial interface, easy evaluation and documentation of results
  • free digital adjustment of all process parameters (time, vacuum, speed)
  • additional Quick Start mode
  • silent operation due to integrated silencer
  • collection of two fractions possible by use of cyclone
  • air jet produced by a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner
  • fulfils all criteria for measuring equipment related to ISO 9001
  • easy operation, ergonomic design
  • maintenance-free
  • memory for up to 9 SOPs


 RETSCH 300270001 AS 200 Air Jet Sieving Machine

RETSCH AS 200 Air Jet Sieving Machine

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