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Release Agent - Desert Tan

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The Bon Tool 32-109 Release Agent in Desert Tan is a specialized product designed to prevent texture mats and rollers from sticking to freshly laid concrete. This colored powder is formulated to be applied to the concrete surface and texture tool after the color application while the concrete is still in a plastic state. Without the use of this release agent, texture mats cannot be utilized and the end result will not be as visually appealing.

This release agent comes in 5-gallon containers and can cover approximately 800-1000 sq. ft. of concrete surface area. The amount of release agent required for a job varies depending on the depth of the texture mat impression. Generally, 3.5 lbs of material are required per 100 sq. ft. of surface area.

What makes this product unique is that the color of the release agent varies depending on the how the concrete is during the application process. Desert Tan is a popular color choice, but it will look different on every surface it is applied to due to the drying process of the concrete. This gives a unique visual appeal to the concrete surface that is unparalleled by other products in the market.

The Bon Tool 32-109 Release Agent in Desert Tan is an essential tool for any concrete contractor or DIY enthusiast looking to take their project to the next level. The high-quality formulation of this product ensures that the texture mat and rollers do not stick to the concrete surface and produce a smooth, visually appealing finish that only gets better with time. Purchase this product today to secure a stunning finish on your next concrete project.
 Bon Tool 32-109 Release Agent - Desert Tan

Release Agent - Desert Tan