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Rectangular block, 115 x 65 x 20mm, acrylic

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The United Scientific RCB115 Rectangular Block is an efficient and durable index of refraction plate perfect for laboratory experiments and scientific research. Made with high-quality acrylic material, these blocks measure 115 x 65 x 20mm, providing a sizable and stable platform for measurements and observations.

Rectangular blocks are an essential tool for experiments that involve studying the behavior of light and its characteristics. These blocks can be used to measure the index of refraction of various substances, which can enable researchers to determine the chemical composition and properties of different materials.

The United Scientific RCB115 Rectangular Block comes in a pack of seven, providing users with the convenience of multiple blocks that will last for a long time. These highly transparent and clear blocks allow for easy observations, and their durability ensures that they can withstand regular use in the laboratory.

Like all products from United Scientific, these rectangular blocks are made with the highest level of quality and precision. These blocks are designed to be safe to use and come with a warning for potential cancer and reproductive harm, which is accessible on the website.

In conclusion, the United Scientific RCB115 Rectangular Block is a reliable and efficient tool for scientific experiments. Its sturdy construction and high-quality material make it a valuable addition to any laboratory, providing researchers with the accuracy and consistency they need to conduct their experiments effectively.
 United Scientific RCB115 Rectangular block, 115 x 65 x 20mm, acrylic

Rectangular block, 115 x 65 x 20mm, acrylic