Recovery flasks, pear shaped, borosilicate glass, 50ml (1pk of 6)

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The United Scientific FGR0050 Recovery Flasks are the perfect essential for any laboratory dealing with rotary evaporators. Its pear-shaped design and heavy wall feature keep it stable and in place, ensuring optimal use. Made of borosilicate glass, it guarantees high resistance to chemicals and temperature changes, thus proving to be a reliable and durable addition to your lab equipment.

The square bead and the single neck with ground glass 24/40 joint provide additional stability and support, preventing any wobbling or damage during the experiment. The opening at the top is specifically designed for easy recovery of reaction products using a spatula, adding convenience and ease to the process.

With a capacity of 50ml and an approximate O.D. x Height of 48 x 85 mm, this flask is the perfect size for your experiments. The flask bottom fits standard heating mantles, allowing you to use it without any additional stress or strain.

This pack of six United Scientific FGR0050 Recovery Flasks ensures that you have enough flasks to cater to your experimenting needs. The flasks can also be custom ordered with specific joint sizes and capacities, making it even more convenient for you to switch out lab equipment without needing to purchase new ones.

Investing in this flask will last you years, making it an affordable and worthwhile addition to your lab. Its reliable construct and design make it a highly recommended product, indispensable for an efficient and smooth experimentation process.

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 United Scientific FGR0050 Recovery flasks, pear shaped, borosilicate glass, 50ml (pk of 6)

Recovery flasks, pear shaped, borosilicate glass, 50ml (1pk of 6)