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Reagent bottles, narrow mouth, hdpe, 1000ml, case of 50

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The United Scientific 33405-BULK Reagent Bottles are the perfect choice for your laboratory needs. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), these narrow mouth bottles are pliable and translucent, providing excellent strength and durability. These bottles feature polypropylene caps that provide a secure seal, ensuring that your reagents remain safe and secure.

Whether you need to store, transport, or dispense reagents, these bottles are the perfect choice. They have a capacity of 1000ml (32 oz) and a neck ID of 21mm, making them ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications. Their height of 216mm also provides ample space to accommodate your reagents.

The threaded caps have a cap size of 38-430mm, ensuring that they will fit securely on the bottle and eliminate any potential leaks. The narrow mouth design also makes it easy to dispense liquids without the risk of spills.

The United Scientific 33405-BULK Reagent Bottles come in a pack of 6 and a case of 50, making sure you have enough bottles for all your laboratory needs. Whether you're working in a small laboratory or a large research facility, these bottles will provide the storage and transportation needed to keep your research on track.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable, durable, and high-quality reagent bottle, look no further than the United Scientific 33405-BULK Reagent Bottles. Their narrow mouth design, polypropylene caps, and excellent strength make them the ideal choice for any laboratory setting.
 United Scientific 33405-BULK Reagent bottles, narrow mouth, hdpe, 1000ml, case of 50

Reagent bottles, narrow mouth, hdpe, 1000ml, case of 50