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Radwag WL-210-0007, WTC 3000 Precision Balance 3100g

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The Radwag WL-210-0007, WTC 3000 Precision Balance 3100g is the ideal device for fast and accurate determination of mass in a laboratory setting. With a maximum capacity of 3100g and a readability of 0.1g, this balance ensures accurate measurements every time.

One of the standout features of the WTC precision balance is its internal battery, which allows for operation in places where there is no access to mains power. This provides flexibility and convenience for users who need to take measurements in different locations.

The balance is designed with a stainless steel weighing pan, which ensures durability and easy maintenance. The backlit LCD guarantees clear weighing result presentation, making it easy to read the measurements even in low light conditions.

The device also comes equipped with various communication interfaces, including RS232, USB type A, and USB type B. These interfaces enable seamless cooperation with peripheral devices such as printers, computers, and USB flash drives, allowing for easy data transfer and analysis.

Additionally, the WTC balances feature a real-time clock and ALIBI memory, allowing users to conveniently track and store measurement data for future reference.

With a protection class of IP43, the balance is designed to withstand dust and water splashes, ensuring its longevity and reliability in a laboratory environment.

The power supply for the WTC balance can be either 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50/60 Hz or the internal battery. The balance has a maximum power consumption of 6W, and the battery provides an average operating time of 15 hours.

The operating temperature range for the balance is +15 ÷ +30°C, making it suitable for use in various laboratory conditions.

The weighing pan dimensions are 128x128mm, providing ample space for weighing different samples. The balance is lightweight, with a net weight of 1.3kg, and it comes with compact packaging that measures 330x220x140mm.

For additional information and guidance, you can download the user manual and data sheet from the provided links. These resources provide detailed instructions on operating the balance and include technical specifications for reference.

Experience the precision and convenience of the Radwag WL-210-0007, WTC 3000 Precision Balance 3100g in your laboratory today.
Radwag Scales Radwag WL-210-0007, WTC 3000 Precision Balance 3100g

Radwag WL-210-0007, WTC 3000 Precision Balance 3100g