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Radwag WL-101-1009, MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance 11 / 52g

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The Radwag WL-101-1009, MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance 11/52g is a precision measuring device that offers unparalleled accuracy and performance. With a maximum capacity of 11/52g and a readability of 1/10µg, this microbalance is designed to meet the most demanding weighing requirements.

One of the standout features of this microbalance is its new CPU, which enables faster measurements and shorter stabilization times. The Dual Core 2 x 1 GB processor delivers noticeable improvements in performance, while still maintaining high repeatability values. This means that you can obtain accurate and reliable measurements in a fraction of the time.

With 16 GB of RAM, this microbalance offers ample data management possibilities. You can record data in the form of complex reports and view time and statistic data diagrams on a series of weighments. This allows for comprehensive data analysis and easier interpretation of results.

The Radwag WL-101-1009, MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance 11/52g also ensures the best possible repeatability and conforms to USP regulations. With a weighing accuracy and repeatability of sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251), this microbalance sets a new standard for mass measurement quality.

In terms of ergonomics and safety, this microbalance features wireless communication between the balance terminal and the weighing unit. This allows for comfortable operation in laminar air flow cabinets and fume cupboards. Additionally, the wireless connection module enables remote control operation and wireless transfer of data to any portable device powered by iOS or Android systems.

Data safety is of utmost importance, and the Radwag WL-101-1009, MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance 11/52g offers ALIBI memory for protection and automatic recording of measurements. You also have options for data preview, copying, and archiving.

The microbalance includes a filter weighing option, which allows for easy swapping of the weighing chamber with the chamber for filter weighing. The filter weighing chamber is characterized by high ingress protection and a large open-work weighing pan for precise weighing of filters of various dimensions.

Overall, the Radwag WL-101-1009, MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance 11/52g is a state-of-the-art microbalance that offers unmatched accuracy, performance, and data management capabilities. Whether you work in a laboratory, research facility, or any other setting that requires precise mass measurements, this microbalance is the ideal choice. Ensure accurate and reliable results with this exceptional microbalance.


Radwag Scales Radwag WL-101-1009, MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance 11 / 52g

Radwag WL-101-1009, MYA 11/52.4Y Microbalance 11 / 52g

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