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Radwag WL-101-0077, MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance 5.1g

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The Radwag WL-101-0077 MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance 5.1g is a highly advanced and precise balance designed for accurate mass measurement in various applications. With a maximum capacity of 5.1g and a readability of 1µg, this microbalance offers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability for your weighing needs.

One of the standout features of the Radwag MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance is its powerful Dual Core 2 x 1 GB processor, which ensures faster operation and shorter stabilization time while maintaining high repeatability values. This means you can achieve faster measurements without compromising accuracy.

With 16 GB RAM, this microbalance provides ample data storage capabilities. You can now record data in the form of complex reports and generate time and statistic data diagrams on series of weighments. This feature allows for in-depth data analysis and better data management possibilities.

Not only does the MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance offer exceptional accuracy and repeatability with sd ≤ 1d, but it also conforms to USP regulations (Section 41 and 1251). This makes it the new standard for mass measurement quality, ensuring that your results meet the highest industry standards.

The microbalance also features wireless communication between the balance terminal and the weighing unit, allowing for comfortable operation in laminar air flow cabinets and fume cupboards. This enhances both ergonomics and safety in your workstation.

Another notable feature is the remote control operation offered through the Wireless Connection module. You can easily transfer data recorded by the balance to any portable device powered by iOS or Android systems using special applications intended for data management, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

In terms of durability and ease of use, the MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance boasts a stainless steel detachable weighing chamber for filter weighing. This chamber is resistant to chemicals, color change, and scratches, and it can be easily disassembled for cleaning. The chamber's lid is partly made of glass, allowing operators to observe the filter and ensure it remains in the same position after closing the chamber. It offers a highly hermetic solution, and the large weighing pan allows for precise measurements of filters of various sizes.

With its advanced features, data safety options, and superior accuracy, the Radwag WL-101-0077 MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance 5.1g is the ideal choice for laboratories, research facilities, and any application requiring precise mass measurements.


Radwag Scales Radwag WL-101-0077, MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance 5.1g

Radwag WL-101-0077, MYA 5.4Y.F Microbalance 5.1g

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