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"R" Style Convex Jointer - 3/4" X 7/8"

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The Bon Tool 11-770, "R" Style Convex Jointer - 3/4" x 7/8" is a must-have for any mason who is looking for an effective tool to help produce high-quality and precise joints. Made from high-quality carbon steel, this tool is designed to withstand wear and tear for long-lasting use.

This "R" style jointer is heat-treated, making it even stronger and more durable than conventional jointers, ensuring that it can easily handle any job with ease. The tool is designed with two ends; each end has a different size jointer which is perfect for any mason who wants to create different sized joint finishes.

The Bon Tool 11-770, "R" style jointer is hand-polished and beautifully finished, giving it an elegant, professional feel that will make your projects look even more impressive. The comfortable and easy-to-hold handle makes using this tool a breeze, and the compact size allows for easy storage and portability.

This Convex Jointer is designed to work on new and existing masonry jobs, ensuring that you get the precise measurements and quality results you need to complete your work professionally. With its durable and reliable construction, the Bon Tool 11-770, "R" Style Convex Jointer - 3/4" x 7/8" is an excellent investment that will last you for years to come.

Whether you are a seasoned professional working on large, complex jobs, or a DIY enthusiast looking to tackle a new project, the Bon Tool 11-770, "R" Style Convex Jointer - 3/4" x 7/8" is the perfect tool for you. So, why wait? Order yours today and take the first step in creating a flawless finish for all your masonry projects!
 Bon Tool 11-770, "R" Style Convex Jointer - 3/4" X 7/8"

"R" Style Convex Jointer - 3/4" X 7/8"