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Precision boyle's law apparatus

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The United Scientific PBLA01 Precision Boyle's Law Apparatus is the ideal tool for those looking to perform quantitative and reliable verification of Boyle's Law. This updated apparatus is based on proven designs and is equipped with features that allow for precise and convincing measurements of absolute pressure and volume.

The dial gauge of the apparatus measures the absolute pressure in both kPa and psi, while built-in length scales with movable markers allow for volume measurement. A bicycle pump is included with the apparatus, making it easy to control pressure with great precision. The pressure-resistant gas tube has a surrounding safety shield, ensuring the safety of users during experiments.

The apparatus encloses the air sample in a thick-walled glass tube of constant bore, resulting in the length of the air column being strictly proportional to the gas volume. Hydraulic oil seals the air sample in the tube and partially fills a reservoir, ensuring that the pressure in the reservoir equals the pressure in the air sample. The pressure is measured using an absolute pressure dial gauge with a range of 0 - 500kPa.

The high pressure bicycle pump that comes with the apparatus has a needle valve that allows for controlled pressure release, while the vent knob provided for the tube adds extra convenience. This apparatus is perfect for science students, teachers and researchers who need to perform precise experiments to validate Boyle's Law.

Overall, the United Scientific PBLA01 Precision Boyle's Law Apparatus is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that provides precise measurements of volume and absolute pressure. Its many features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to conduct experiments that require the quantitative verification of Boyle's Law.
 United Scientific PBLA01 Precision boyle's law apparatus

Precision boyle's law apparatus