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Portable Reel Rack - Load-N-Go

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The Tiiger LNG-2012 Portable Reel Rack is the perfect solution for conveniently storing and transporting your cables and hoses. This portable reel rack is designed with durability and efficiency in mind, making it an essential tool for any worksite or event.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the Tiiger LNG-2012 Portable Reel Rack is incredibly easy to transport. Its Load-N-Go functionality allows you to easily load and unload reels without any hassle, making it ideal for on-the-go professionals. Whether you need to transport cables and hoses to different locations or simply need a reliable storage solution, this reel rack has got you covered.

With a maximum capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, this reel rack can handle heavy-duty cables and hoses without a problem. The sturdy construction ensures that your equipment will be secure and protected, even in the toughest working conditions. The rack is also equipped with durable wheels, allowing you to easily navigate your way through any terrain.

The Tiiger LNG-2012 Portable Reel Rack offers a streamlined and organized storage solution. It includes adjustable arms, allowing you to customize the rack to fit your specific needs. This ensures that your cables and hoses are neatly organized and easily accessible whenever you need them.

In addition to its practical design, this reel rack is also incredibly easy to assemble. With no additional tools required, you can have it set up and ready to use in no time. The compact size also means that you can easily store it when not in use, saving you valuable space.

If you are tired of dealing with tangled cables and messy storage spaces, the Tiiger LNG-2012 Portable Reel Rack is the solution you have been looking for. With its durable construction, convenient Load-N-Go functionality, and customizable design, this reel rack is a must-have for any professional in need of efficient cable and hose storage.
 TiiGER LNG-2012 Portable Reel Rack - Load-N-Go

Portable Reel Rack - Load-N-Go