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Porcelain desiccator plate, large holes, 190mm dia.

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The United Scientific JDP190 Porcelain Desiccator Plate is an essential laboratory equipment for scientific experiments that require airtight environment. This plate features large holes that make it possible to place samples inside the desiccator without exposing them to outside elements. The holes are spread out in a way that maintains uniform air circulation inside the desiccator, keeping everything dry and moisture-free.

Crafted from high-quality porcelain, this plate is a sturdy and reliable option for critical lab work. It is glazed on one side, making it easy to handle and clean while also providing additional protection against moisture and bacteria. The JDP190 plate has a diameter of 190mm, which is a standard size and fits perfectly into most desiccators. The eight holes in the plate, with a diameter of 35mm, provide ample space to place your samples, and the center hole (diameter of 50mm) allows for easy insertion and removal of the plate.

This plate is sold in packs of two, making it the perfect solution for replacing worn out or broken plates or to use as spares. You can trust this desiccator plate to keep your critical samples safe and dry, free from outside influences that may compromise their integrity. The United Scientific JDP190 Porcelain Desiccator Plate with large holes is an excellent addition to any laboratory looking for reliable, high-quality equipment that can stand up to the demands of rigorous scientific research. Order yours today and experience the full benefits of the best in class desiccator plate.

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 United Scientific JDP190 Porcelain desiccator plate, large holes, 190mm dia.

Porcelain desiccator plate, large holes, 190mm dia.