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Polylok 3014B-50 Smartfilter Switch Only 50ft Cord

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Polylok 3014B-50 Smartfilter Switch Only 50ft Cord

The Polylok™ filter alarm panel and switch provides a visual and audible notification of impending filter and tank servicing. Our Patented SmartFIlter™ control switch attaches to Most Polylok™ Filters and All Zabel & Best Filters. The filter alarm switch activates when the filter cartridge is near capacity on solids that have built up through the filtering process. The filter alarm switch sends a signal to the alarm panel activating the septic tank alarm. The owner will need to call a local septic service company for immediate service.

  • Includes standard VRS control switch with 15 feet of cable and indoor/outdoor alarm panel 
  • Alarm panel, control switch, and an effluent filter can be purchased separately or as part of a system package 
  • Alarm panel features manual alarm test switch and horn silence switch 
  • Alarm horn rated 82 decibels at 10 feet (3 meters) 
  • Direct interface of control switch and effluent filter insures proper placement of switch 
  • Alarm sounds when the tank and filter reach 90% maturity 
  • For indoor/outdoor use 
  • Three-year limited warranty





Smart Alarm Wiring 3014A.pdf

Tank Alert Duo Alarm Manual.pdf


3014A -3014B SWITCH-PANEL.pdf

Smartfilter Alarms Tech Data Sheet.pdf

 Polylok 3014B-50 Smartfilter Switch Only 50ft  Cord

Polylok 3014B-50 Smartfilter Switch Only 50ft Cord