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Plastic Lab Funnel

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Plastic Lab Funnel

Lab Funnel is constructed of translucent white polypropylene plastic and ribbed to allow the escape of air as fluids enter. This lightweight funnel allows easy transfer of specimens or solution into a graduated cylinder or other labware with a narrow neck or opening. It is included with Sand Equivalent Test Set for testing aggregates and granular soils for sand determinations. The funnel has a 3.44in (87.4mm) top diameter, 0.38in (9.7mm) bottom diameter, and is 3.94in (100.1mm) in height.


  • Wide-mouth enables easy placement of materials
  • Ribbed to allow air to escape

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The Plastic Lab Funnel is a must-have accessory for any laboratory. Made from translucent white polypropylene plastic, this funnel is not only durable but also allows for easy visibility of the fluids being transferred. Its ribbed design ensures that air can escape as fluids enter, preventing any blockages or spills.

One of the standout features of this funnel is its wide-mouth opening. This enables users to easily and accurately pour materials into a graduated cylinder or other labware with a narrow neck or opening. Whether you are transferring specimens or solutions, this funnel makes the process quick and efficient.

The Plastic Lab Funnel is also a key component of the Sand Equivalent Test Set. When testing aggregates and granular soils for sand determinations, this funnel is included to ensure accurate results. With a top diameter of 3.44 inches and a bottom diameter of 0.38 inches, it is perfectly sized for this test. Its height of 3.94 inches allows for a comfortable grip and easy handling.

Aside from its practical design, this funnel also boasts user-friendly features. The ribbed construction allows air to escape, preventing any trapped air bubbles that could affect the accuracy of your measurements. This ensures precise and reliable results every time.

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Invest in the Plastic Lab Funnel today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your laboratory work. Its durable construction, easy pour design, and ribbed feature make it the perfect choice for all your fluid transfer needs. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, this funnel is an essential tool that will greatly enhance your work process. Shop now and see the difference it makes!
Gilson Company Plastic Lab Funnel

Plastic Lab Funnel