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Plastic Drill Template for Plastic Column Form (PCF), 30in

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Plastic Drill Template for Plastic Column Form (PCF), 30in

This is a tool that helps the user of PCF drill holes into the horizontal flanges in a quick, easy and consistent manner for the purpose of adjoining PCF columns in a vertical fashion.

The Plastic Drill Template for Plastic Column Form (PCF) is an essential tool for anyone working with PCF columns. This tool allows users to quickly, easily, and consistently drill holes into the horizontal flanges of PCF columns, making it effortless to join the columns in a vertical fashion.

Designed by Deslauriers, a trusted name in the industry, this drill template is a must-have for construction professionals and contractors. With this tool, you can ensure precise and accurate drilling every time, saving you time and effort. The template also ensures that the holes are evenly spaced, providing a clean and professional-looking finish.

One of the outstanding features of PCF is its versatility. The columns can be poured to any height, but it is essential to pour at a recommended rate of not exceeding 1200psf or an 8-foot liquid head at 70°F. Additionally, concrete free fall should not exceed 5 feet.

The PCF can be reused multiple times, depending on various jobsite conditions. Factors such as liquid head, pouring rate, excess vibration, drilling holes, and rough handling impact the reusable life of the form. It is crucial to handle the PCF with care to maximize its durability and lifespan.

This drill template features two sets of holes on the vertical flanges of the PCF. The inner three-hole pattern allows for a tighter joint for higher pours, while the outer two-hole pattern is suitable for shorter pours, saving on labor. The outer holes, along with the center vertical rib, can be used for attaching bracing.

The Plastic Column Forms can be custom-cut at the 4-foot level using a hand saw or a Sawzall. These forms are marked at one-foot intervals, allowing for easy and accurate cutting. However, once cut, except for the 4-foot double flange, they cannot be utilized back to an 8-foot length.

It is important to note that the PCF should not be used for bull-nosed applications, as the pressure exerted by the length in conjunction with the rest of the form could cause blow-out. For bull-nosed applications, Deslauriers recommends using a steel column form.

The drill template is easy to use and can be braced using a template at the bottom and plumbed with a wood 2x4 or a turnbuckle. Regular inspections are essential to identify any signs of damage or cracks on the form prior to each use. When the PCF shows signs of enlargement of bolt holes, cracks, or splits, or noticeable separation of vertical flanges during a pour, it is approaching its usable limit and should be replaced.

To clean the PCF, a light coat of form release is recommended to prevent concrete buildup. Muriatic acid or a light power wash can be used for thorough cleaning.

It is important to exercise caution when tightening bolts using power tools. Over-tightening can create weak spots in the flange. Hand tightening or using a washer as a backup is recommended.

Attaching the PCF to a fiber tube is simple. A 3" to 4" section of the horizontal flange can be cut from the PCF and used as a clamp to secure the PCF to the top of the tube.

When attaching external attachments to the PCF, drilling a pilot hole is recommended to prevent splits. External and internal vibrators should be used with caution to avoid damaging the form.

Lastly, to protect the PCF from long-term UV exposure, it is advised to store it in the shade or cover it when not in use. Cleaning with muriatic acid or a light power wash will help maintain the longevity of the form.

For anyone working with PCF columns, the Plastic Drill Template for Plastic Column Form (PCF) is an invaluable tool that ensures efficient and accurate drilling, saving time and effort in the construction process.

 Deslauriers PCF30-PDF Plastic Drill Template for Plastic Column Form (PCF), 30in

Plastic Drill Template for Plastic Column Form (PCF), 30in