Plastic Dispensing Pump for Gallon Jar

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The HMA LAB SUPPLY PL-2308 Plastic Dispensing Pump is designed specifically for gallon jars, making it convenient and efficient for dispensing liquids. This white dispensing pump comes with an 11-inch dip tube, ensuring easy access to a variety of products such as lotions, soaps, and cleaning solutions.

Made from high-quality plastic, this dispenser is durable and long-lasting, able to withstand regular use without leaking or breaking. The sleek design of the pump adds a touch of elegance to any gallon jar, making it suitable for both professional and personal use.

With its easy-to-use functionality, this pump allows for controlled and mess-free dispensing. Gone are the days of struggling to pour the right amount of liquid and ending up with a sticky mess. The pump's design allows for precise measurements, preventing waste and ensuring that you get exactly what you need, every time.

The 11-inch dip tube reaches the bottom of the gallon jar, making it possible to access every last drop of the product. This ensures that you maximize the usage of your liquid, avoiding unnecessary waste and saving you money in the long run.

The Plastic Dispensing Pump is perfect for a wide range of environments, including laboratories, hospitals, beauty salons, and even households. Its versatility allows it to be used with a variety of liquids, making it a convenient and practical accessory to have on hand.

Cleaning the pump is a breeze, as the parts are easily detachable and can be washed with soap and water. This ensures that you maintain a hygienic and sanitary environment, reducing the risk of contamination or bacterial growth.

Overall, the HMA LAB SUPPLY PL-2308 Plastic Dispensing Pump for Gallon Jar offers a reliable and efficient solution for dispensing liquids. Its durable construction, precise measurements, and easy maintenance make it a must-have tool for anyone in need of controlled and mess-free liquid dispensing. Upgrade your gallon jars today with this convenient and practical dispenser.


 HMA Lab Supply PL-2308 Plastic Dispensing Pump for Gallon Jar

Plastic Dispensing Pump for Gallon Jar