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Pasteur pipettes, 1ml (pk of 500)

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United Scientific P31201 Pasteur pipettes are the perfect tool for accurate liquid transfer in any laboratory setting. These pipettes come in packs of 500, with 3 packs included, totaling 1500 pipettes. The pipettes have a 1ml capacity and a graduation interval of 0.25ml, making it easy to measure and transfer liquids accurately. With a length of 150mm, these pipettes are the perfect length for precision handling.

These pipettes are made from translucent low-density polyethylene, providing an unbreakable and non-toxic solution for laboratory use. The pipettes are available in both sterile and non-sterile versions, giving the user the option to choose which suits their specific needs. The sterile option comes individually wrapped, ensuring that contamination is kept to a minimum.

With a range of 0.25ml to 1ml, these pipettes are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. The pipettes are ideal for use in microbiology, hematology, and serology, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

The United Scientific P31201 Pasteur pipettes are easy to use and provide accurate liquid transfer with every use. They are also designed to be sealed and refrigerated, giving them a longer lifespan and providing a cost-effective solution for laboratories.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate solution for your laboratory liquid transfer needs, then the United Scientific P31201 Pasteur pipettes are the perfect choice. With their unbreakable design, sterile option, and versatility, these pipettes will quickly become an essential tool in your laboratory.
 United Scientific P31201 Pasteur pipettes, 1ml (pk of 500)

Pasteur pipettes, 1ml (pk of 500)