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Ohaus Weight Set(24), 500 g-1 mg, ASTM 1

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The Ohaus 30391343 Weight Set(24) is a versatile and reliable tool designed to meet the highest standards in precision measurement. With a weight range of 500 g to 1 mg, this set provides unparalleled accuracy for a wide variety of applications.

The weight set consists of 24 individual weights, each meticulously crafted to ensure precise calibrations. Made from high-quality materials and following ASTM 1 guidelines, these weights are built to withstand rigorous use in laboratory and industrial settings. Whether you are conducting scientific experiments, quality control tests, or educational demonstrations, this weight set will deliver consistent and accurate results every time.

The Ohaus 30391343 Weight Set(24) offers excellent balance and stability, thanks to its finely calibrated design. Each weight is marked with a unique identification number, allowing for easy tracking and organization. The set includes a durable carrying case for convenient storage and transportation, keeping all 24 weights securely in place.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this weight set is easy to handle and maneuver. The weights feature smooth surfaces, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. The stackable design allows for efficient use of storage space as well, making this set an ideal choice for labs and classrooms with limited space.

Considering its exceptional accuracy and reliability, the Ohaus 30391343 Weight Set(24) is an excellent investment for professionals in various fields. From pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories to manufacturing facilities, this weight set will prove to be an invaluable asset in ensuring precise measurements and meeting industry standards.

With the Ohaus 30391343 Weight Set(24), you can have complete confidence in the accuracy of your measurements. Experience superior performance and exceptional durability with this dependable weight set, and streamline your weighing processes with ease and precision. Upgrade your laboratory or industrial setting with this top-of-the-line weight set, and experience a new level of measurement accuracy.
 Ohaus 30391343 Weight Set(24), 500 g-1 mg, ASTM 1

Ohaus Weight Set(24), 500 g-1 mg, ASTM 1