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Ohaus Weight Set(19), 25 kg-1 g, ASTM 1, NVLAP

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The Ohaus 30391388 Weight Set(19) is a high-quality and reliable product that is designed to meet your weighing needs perfectly. With a wide range of weights available, ranging from 25 kg to 1 g, this weight set is suitable for various applications and ensures accurate and precise measurements.

Manufactured to comply with ASTM 1 standards, this weight set guarantees the highest level of accuracy and reliability. It has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure it meets the industry standards for accuracy and precision. This makes it an ideal choice for laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions where precise measurements are crucial.

One of the key features of this weight set is its NVLAP accreditation. NVLAP stands for the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, which is a third-party accreditation program recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This accreditation means that the weights in this set have been certified by an accredited laboratory for their accuracy and compliance with the necessary standards.

The Ohaus 30391388 Weight Set(19) is designed with durability in mind. The weights are made from top-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan. Each weight in the set is individually engraved with its respective value, making it easy to identify and use.

This weight set comes in a sturdy wooden case, ensuring easy storage and protection. The case is designed with protective foam inserts to keep the weights secure during transport or when not in use, preventing any damage.

Whether you are conducting scientific experiments, calibrating scales, or performing quality control tests, the Ohaus 30391388 Weight Set(19) is an essential tool that guarantees accurate and consistent results. Its precision, durability, and NVLAP accreditation make it a reliable choice for industries where precision weighing is paramount.

Invest in the Ohaus 30391388 Weight Set(19) today and experience the difference in quality and performance for yourself.
 Ohaus 30391388 Weight Set(19), 25 kg-1 g, ASTM 1, NVLAP

Ohaus Weight Set(19), 25 kg-1 g, ASTM 1, NVLAP