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Ohaus Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, OIML F1

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The Ohaus 80780423 Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, OIML F1 is a high-quality product designed for precise and accurate weight measurement. This weight set is essential for laboratories, research facilities, and industries that require utmost accuracy in their measurements.

Crafted with precision, the Ohaus 80780423 Weight Set(15) guarantees accurate measurements for a wide range of applications. It consists of 15 weights, with each weight carefully calibrated to meet the strict standards of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) F1 class. This ensures that your measurements are reliable and consistent, providing confidence in your results.

The weight set includes 2x2 kg and 1 g weights, offering a versatile weighing solution suitable for various weighing needs. The 2 kg weights provide a larger capacity for heavier objects, while the 1 g weights cater to smaller, more delicate measurements. This combination enables you to tackle a diverse range of experiments or tasks with precision and ease.

The Ohaus 80780423 Weight Set(15) is made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability. Each weight is meticulously crafted to precise specifications, guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability throughout its lifespan. The weights are easy to handle and can be securely placed on a balance or scale.

Whether you are conducting scientific experiments, calibrating instruments, or carrying out quality control procedures, this weight set will meet your high standards. Its OIML F1 class classification ensures that it meets the most stringent regulatory requirements for accuracy and consistency, making it a trustworthy companion for all your weighing needs.

Invest in the Ohaus 80780423 Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, OIML F1, and experience the confidence that comes with precise measurements. With its exceptional quality and versatility, this weight set is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking accuracy and reliability in their weighing processes.
 Ohaus 80780423 Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, OIML F1

Ohaus Weight Set(15), 2x2 kg-1 g, OIML F1