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Ohaus Weight Set(14), 10 lb-0.05 oz, NIST F

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The Ohaus 30390382 Weight Set(14) is an exceptional tool designed for precise and accurate measurements. This weight set is a valuable asset for laboratories, pharmacies, and industries that require utmost precision in their weighing processes.

With a weight range of 10 lb to 0.05 oz, this weight set offers a wide variety of options for measuring a range of items, from large objects to extremely delicate substances. Each weight in the set is carefully crafted and calibrated to ensure reliability and accuracy.

What sets the Ohaus 30390382 Weight Set apart is its compliance with the NIST F standards. NIST certification guarantees that the weights meet the highest industry standards, giving you confidence in the accuracy of your measurements.

The weight set consists of 14 individual weights that can be utilized individually or combined to achieve the desired measurement. Each weight is clearly labeled to easily identify its value, ensuring a seamless weighing process.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this weight set is made from high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting performance. It is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising its accuracy, so you can rely on it for consistent and repeatable results.

The Ohaus 30390382 Weight Set(14) is incredibly versatile and adaptable to various weighing applications. Whether you are conducting scientific experiments, calibrating instruments, or weighing valuable substances, this weight set caters to your every need.

Transportation and storage are made easy with the provided convenient storage case. The case is designed to protect the weights during transportation and keep them organized when not in use, ensuring their longevity.

Investing in the Ohaus 30390382 Weight Set(14) means investing in accuracy, reliability, and durability. This weight set will elevate your weighing processes, allowing you to achieve precise and consistent measurements every time. So, whether you are a professional in a laboratory or an enthusiast at home, this weight set is the perfect tool for your weighing needs.
 Ohaus 30390382 Weight Set(14), 10 lb-0.05 oz, NIST F

Ohaus Weight Set(14), 10 lb-0.05 oz, NIST F