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Ohaus Weight Set(10), 500 g-10 g, Class 7, TC, 30390741

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The Ohaus 30390741 Weight Set is a versatile and reliable weighing solution for various industries and applications. With a range from 500 g to 10 g, this weight set offers exceptional precision and accuracy.

Crafted to meet the highest industry standards, these weights are classified as Class 7, ensuring that your measurements are always reliable and consistent. This classification guarantees a maximum error tolerance of ±0.007 g, giving you peace of mind in your weighing procedures.

Each weight in this set is made from high-quality material with a highly polished surface. This enhances their durability and minimizes maintenance needs, making them perfect for long-term use. Additionally, the weights feature a seamless construction that ensures they are easy to clean and maintain hygiene standards.

The Ohaus 30390741 Weight Set is designed for use with top-loading and analytical balances, providing versatility across different scales and applications. Whether you need to calibrate laboratory balances, conduct scientific research, or perform quality control checks, this weight set is the ideal choice.

Using this weight set is straightforward. Each weight is clearly labeled with its corresponding mass, allowing for quick identification and easy selection. The TC (Traceable Certificate) provided ensures that these weights are traceable to internationally recognized standards, offering you complete confidence in their accuracy.

The compact and sturdy design of the weight set allows for easy storage and transportation. The included storage case keeps the weights organized and protected, making them readily accessible whenever needed.

Investing in the Ohaus 30390741 Weight Set means investing in reliable and accurate measurements. Trusted by professionals in various industries, this weight set is a valuable addition to any laboratory, research facility, or production line. Ensure consistent, precise weighing results with this high-quality Ohaus weight set.
 Ohaus 30390741 Weight Set(10), 500 g-10 g, Class 7, TC

Ohaus Weight Set(10), 500 g-10 g, Class 7, TC, 30390741