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Ohaus Weight, 50 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert

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The Ohaus 30390244 Weight, 50 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert is a precision instrument designed to accurately measure slight weight variations. With its superior quality and certification, this weight is perfect for laboratory use, quality control testing, and research applications.

The UltraClass designation guarantees the highest level of accuracy and precision. This weight is manufactured utilizing advanced technology and strict quality control processes to ensure consistent and reliable performance. It has been calibrated to meet the stringent standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The weight has a nominal mass of 50 milligrams, making it ideal for applications where minute measurements are crucial. Whether you need to calibrate analytical balances, perform microbalance tests, or conduct weight verification procedures, this weight will deliver the accuracy and reliability you require.

NVLAP certification adds an additional level of assurance to the Ohaus 30390244 Weight. The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) is a recognized and respected accreditation body that ensures adherence to extensive quality standards. This certification demonstrates that the weight has undergone thorough testing and meets all the necessary criteria for accurate and reproducible measurements.

Designed for longevity, the Ohaus 30390244 Weight is made from durable materials that resist corrosion and wear. Its construction guarantees stability and inhibits any magnetic interference, ensuring accurate readings. The weight is conveniently packaged in a protective case to prevent damage during transportation or storage.

Featuring a compact size, this weight is easy to handle and occupies minimal space in the laboratory. Its smooth surface and precise design allow for effortless placement on a balance pan or use with tweezers, ensuring precise and hassle-free operations.

The Ohaus 30390244 Weight, 50 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert is an indispensable tool for professionals who demand the highest level of precision in their work. With its impeccable accuracy, durability, and certification, this weight provides peace of mind and reliable results for all your weighing needs.
 Ohaus 30390244 Weight, 50 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert

Ohaus Weight, 50 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert