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Ohaus Weight, 20 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert

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The Ohaus 30390242 Weight is a premium-quality precision tool designed for accurate measurements in laboratory settings. With a capacity of 20 milligrams, this weight delivers reliable and consistent results, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in various industries.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Ohaus 30390242 Weight belongs to the UltraClass category, setting a new standard in precision weighing. The UltraClass designation ensures unparalleled accuracy and stability, surpassing the requirements set by traditional weight classes. This makes it suitable for use in high-precision applications that demand the utmost accuracy and reliability.

To further enhance its credibility, the Ohaus 30390242 Weight carries the prestigious NVLAP certification. NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) is widely recognized as a symbol of quality and competence in laboratory testing and calibration. With this certification, you can be confident that the weight has undergone rigorous examination and meets the highest industry standards.

The construction of the Ohaus 30390242 Weight has been thoughtfully designed to safeguard its accuracy and durability. Made from top-grade materials, it is resistant to corrosion and damage, ensuring its longevity even with frequent use. The weight has been meticulously calibrated to guarantee consistent and precise measurements, maintaining its accuracy over an extended period.

This weight is compatible with a wide range of balances and scales, providing versatility and convenience for users in various applications. Whether you need it for pharmaceutical research, environmental analysis, or academic laboratories, the Ohaus 30390242 Weight delivers exceptional accuracy and consistency throughout its lifespan.

Moreover, the Ohaus 30390242 Weight is ergonomically designed, allowing for easy handling and efficient operation. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it convenient to carry and store, minimizing the risk of loss or damage.

Overall, the Ohaus 30390242 Weight is the go-to choice for professionals seeking superior accuracy and reliability in their weighing tasks. With its UltraClass designation, NVLAP certification, and durable construction, this weight guarantees accurate and consistent results, making it an invaluable tool in any laboratory or research facility.
 Ohaus 30390242 Weight, 20 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert

Ohaus Weight, 20 mg, UltraClass, NVLAP Cert