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Ohaus Weight, 2 g, UltraClass

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The Ohaus 30390185 Weight, 2 g, UltraClass, is a highly precise and reliable precision weight used for a variety of applications. Made by the renowned Ohaus brand, it is designed to provide accurate and consistent results for laboratories, educational institutions, and professional settings.

This weight is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and effectiveness. It is constructed with great attention to detail, meeting the highest industry standards. The 2 g weight is perfect for applications where precision is crucial, allowing for precise measurements without any compromise.

The UltraClass designation of this weight signifies its unparalleled accuracy. UltraClass is Ohaus' highest class of weights, guaranteeing the utmost precision and reliability. It undergoes a stringent manufacturing process, including multiple quality control checks, to ensure it meets the exact specifications required.

The Ohaus 30390185 Weight, 2 g, UltraClass, is suitable for use with analytical balances, microbalances, and other weighing instruments. Whether you are conducting research, performing analytical tests, or calibrating equipment, this weight will provide consistent and accurate results.

Its compact size and shape make it easy to handle and store. This weight is designed to fit seamlessly into various weighing applications. It is also conveniently marked with its weight value for quick identification and reference.

With the Ohaus 30390185 Weight, 2 g, UltraClass, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your measurements. This weight is a reliable tool that will enhance the precision and efficiency of your work.

Investing in the Ohaus 30390185 Weight, 2 g, UltraClass, means investing in quality and accuracy. Trust Ohaus to provide a weight that meets the highest standards and delivers exceptional performance. With its reliability and precision, this weight is an essential tool for any laboratory or professional environment where accuracy is paramount.
 Ohaus 30390185 Weight, 2 g, UltraClass

Ohaus Weight, 2 g, UltraClass