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Ohaus Weight, 2 g, Class 7, Traceable Cert, 30391028

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The OHAUS 30391028 Weight is an essential tool for precision weighing in various laboratory settings. With its impeccable accuracy and dependability, this weight ensures the most accurate measurements in Class 7 applications. Designed to meet the highest industry standards, this weight comes with a traceable certificate, providing assurance of its accuracy and calibration.

Built with meticulous attention to detail, the OHAUS 30391028 Weight offers a weight of 2 grams. This versatile weight can be used in a wide range of scientific experiments, quality control processes, and calibration procedures. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to handle, manipulate, and store.

What sets this weight apart from others is its Class 7 accuracy. This classification guarantees that the weight features a precision level within ± 0.1 milligrams, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Whether it's for analytical lab work or delicate measurements in a research facility, the OHAUS 30391028 Weight is the ideal choice.

The included traceable certificate adds an extra layer of credibility to this weight. The calibration certificate provides documented proof that the weight has undergone rigorous testing and calibration processes. This means you can have complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your measurements. Furthermore, the traceable certificate ensures that the weight adheres to the highest standards and is compliant with ISO regulations.

The OHAUS 30391028 Weight is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Its sturdy build allows it to withstand frequent usage without compromising its accuracy or reliability. The weight is also designed with stability in mind, minimizing the effects of environmental factors that could influence the precision of measurements.

Whether you are a professional researcher, a quality control specialist, or a student conducting experiments, the OHAUS 30391028 Weight is a reliable and indispensable tool. With its Class 7 accuracy, traceable certificate, and exceptional build quality, this weight guarantees the highest level of precision and accuracy for all your weighing needs.
 Ohaus 30391028 Weight, 2 g, Class 7, Traceable Cert

Ohaus Weight, 2 g, Class 7, Traceable Cert, 30391028