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Ohaus Weight, 10g, ASTM 6, Hooked

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The OHAUS 80850131 Weight, 10g, ASTM 6, Hooked is a high-quality, precision instrument designed to meet the stringent standards of the ASTM and deliver accurate measurements for various applications. This weight is an indispensable tool for laboratories, research facilities, and industrial settings where precision and reliability are crucial.

Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, the OHAUS 80850131 Weight ensures consistent and accurate results every time it is used. This weight has a nominal mass of 10g, making it suitable for a wide range of scientific experiments and measurements. Whether you need to calibrate balances, perform comparative weighing, or conduct density determinations, this weight is the ideal choice.

Built to comply with ASTM Class 6 standards, this hooked weight is manufactured with top-grade materials to guarantee longevity and durability. The hooked design allows for easy handling and secure placement, ensuring a stable and reliable measurement process. The meticulous craftsmanship of the weight guarantees minimal deviation from standardized values, providing users with confidence in their measurements.

The OHAUS 80850131 Weight is versatile and can be used in various laboratory applications, ranging from pharmaceutical research to educational experiments. Its precise weight value ensures accurate and reproducible results, allowing researchers and scientists to make informed decisions based on their findings.

This weighted instrument is not only reliable but also user-friendly. The hooked design allows for easy storage and prevents accidental rolling or falling. With its compact size and precise measurements, this weight is a valuable addition to any scientific or industrial setting.

In conclusion, the OHAUS 80850131 Weight, 10g, ASTM 6, Hooked is an exceptional instrument that guarantees precise and reliable measurements. Crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to meet ASTM Class 6 requirements, this weight provides accuracy and durability in a wide range of scientific applications. Trust OHAUS to deliver excellence in precision measurement.


 Ohaus 80850131 Weight, 10g, ASTM 6, Hooked

Ohaus Weight, 10g, ASTM 6, Hooked

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