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Ohaus Pen Electrode, ST20C-C ST20S

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The Ohaus 30087999 Pen Electrode, ST20C-C ST20S is a must-have accessory for anyone who owns the Ohaus Pen Meter ST20C-C or ST20S. This electrode is specifically designed to be compatible with these Ohaus models, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your water analysis.

Made with high-quality materials, the Pen Electrode is durable and built to last. Its advanced design allows for efficient and precise measurements, making it an essential tool for various water analysis applications. Whether you are conducting fieldwork or working in a lab, this electrode will provide you with accurate readings every time.

The Ohaus Pen Electrode, ST20C-C ST20S features a simple and user-friendly interface. It is easy to assemble and attach to your Ohaus Pen Meter, saving you time and effort. With its compact size, it is also highly portable, allowing you to take it wherever you need to go. The electrode's convenient design ensures hassle-free operation, making it suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners in the field of water analysis.

In addition to its excellent performance and ease of use, safety is a top priority with the Ohaus Pen Electrode. It is designed with features to prevent leakage and protect against potential hazards, providing you with peace of mind during your water analysis tasks.

Whether you are testing the pH level of a swimming pool, conducting environmental research, or monitoring water quality in a laboratory setting, the Ohaus Pen Electrode, ST20C-C ST20S is the perfect accessory to accompany your Ohaus Pen Meter. It will enhance your water analysis experience by providing accurate, reliable results, while also being durable, user-friendly, and safe to use.

Choose the Ohaus 30087999 Pen Electrode, ST20C-C ST20S and take your water analysis to the next level. Invest in this top-notch accessory and unlock the full potential of your Ohaus Pen Meter today!
 Ohaus 30087999 Pen Electrode, ST20C-C ST20S

Ohaus Pen Electrode, ST20C-C ST20S