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Ohaus HB2DGHL 2 Block Dry Block Heater

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The Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL 2 Block Dry Block Heater is a versatile and efficient heating solution for applications that require temperature stability. Its close tube-to-block contact ensures maximum heat retention, resulting in effective heating performance. This dry block heater is available in both high-wattage, constant-temp analog models and digital models with exceptional temperature uniformity and stability for repeatable results.

With the ability to hold optional interchangeable modular blocks, the Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL offers over 40 options to accommodate various applications. Whether you need incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, isothermal incubations, or nucleic acid denaturation, this dry block heater has got you covered.

Featuring an LED display on digital models and dual-adjustment knobs with dial markings on analog models, the Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL ensures easy and precise temperature control. It comes with a detachable 3-wire cord and plug for convenient operation, while analog models require an external thermometer or temperature device for temperature setpoint.

The Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL is designed with a sturdy painted steel housing and a support rod holder with a locking knob for added reliability and stability. Digital models also include touchpad control and an audible alarm for enhanced user experience.

In terms of specifications, this dry block heater offers a temperature range from ambient + 5°C to 100°C with a stability of ± 0.1°C. It has a uniformity of ± 0.1°C at 37°C and a heat-up time of 50 minutes. The Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL is equipped with overshoot protection of 10°C above the set point and operates on 120V, 3A, 50/60Hz power.

Safety is vital, and the Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL meets TUV certification standards. It is designed to work in a temperature range of 64°F to 91°F, with a humidity range of 20% to 80%RH, non-condensing.

With its exceptional performance, reliable construction, and user-friendly features, the Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL 2 Block Dry Block Heater is the ideal choice for your temperature-sensitive applications. Maximize your productivity and achieve precise and repeatable results with this multi-purpose heating solution.
 Ohaus 30392101 HB2DGHL 2 Block Dry Block Heater

Ohaus HB2DGHL 2 Block Dry Block Heater