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Ohaus Foot (4) ES50L ES100L ES200L

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The OHAUS 71148239 Foot (4) ES50L ES100L ES200L is a high-quality product designed specifically for use with the ES50L, ES100L, and ES200L scales. This set includes four sturdy feet that provide stability and support to ensure accurate and reliable weighing measurements.

Made from durable materials, these feet are built to last. They have been rigorously tested to withstand daily use in demanding environments, making them suitable for both professional and personal use. Whether you're running a busy industrial facility or just need a reliable scale for home use, these OHAUS feet are the perfect choice.

What sets these feet apart is their compatibility with the ES50L, ES100L, and ES200L scales. They have been precision-engineered to fit these models perfectly, providing a secure attachment point that ensures maximum stability during weighing processes. This eliminates any potential shaking or movement that could compromise the accuracy of your measurements.

Installing these feet is incredibly easy. Each foot comes with pre-drilled holes and includes all the necessary mounting hardware for a hassle-free setup. Simply attach them to the bottom of your scale and you're good to go. These feet are also adjustable, allowing you to level your scale on uneven surfaces for precise weighing.

Not only do these feet improve the performance of your scale, but they also help protect your workspace. The rubber padding on each foot prevents scratches and scuffs on delicate surfaces, creating a safe and clean working environment.

Investing in the OHAUS 71148239 Foot (4) ES50L ES100L ES200L will undoubtedly enhance the functionality and longevity of your ES series scale. Experience peace of mind knowing that your scale is securely supported, allowing you to focus on accurate measurements without any worries. Trust OHAUS for all your weighing needs and take your weighing precision to the next level with these high-quality feet.
 Ohaus 71148239 Foot (4) ES50L ES100L ES200L

Ohaus Foot (4) ES50L ES100L ES200L