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Ohaus Centrifuge Rack, 4x15ml D17mm RB, 2/pk

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The Ohaus 30314875 Centrifuge Rack is a versatile and essential accessory for your Ohaus centrifuge. Designed to be compatible with the Ohaus R-S4x100/5MIS Rotor, Swing out, this rack can hold up to four 15ml tubes with a diameter of 17mm.

When it comes to laboratory equipment, reliability and durability are key, and the Ohaus Centrifuge Rack delivers on both fronts. Made with high-quality materials, this rack is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy laboratory environment. Its sturdy construction ensures that your samples will remain secure and stable during centrifugation.

The Ohaus Centrifuge Rack is not only functional, but also highly convenient. With its compact design, it takes up minimal space in your centrifuge, allowing you to maximize your workspace. Additionally, this rack is designed for easy handling, making it quick and effortless to load and unload your samples.

Whether you are working with biological samples, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals, the Ohaus Centrifuge Rack provides a safe and secure solution for your centrifugation needs. The sealable design of the Ohaus R-S4x100/5MIS Rotor ensures that your samples are protected and isolated, minimizing the risk of contamination.

When it comes to laboratory equipment, Ohaus is a trusted name and a leader in the industry. The Ohaus 30314875 Centrifuge Rack is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. With its compatibility with the Ohaus R-S4x100/5MIS Rotor and its ability to hold up to four 15ml tubes, this rack is a reliable and essential accessory for any laboratory.

Invest in the Ohaus 30314875 Centrifuge Rack and experience the difference in performance and convenience. With its exceptional build quality and user-friendly design, this rack is sure to enhance your laboratory workflow and contribute to accurate and reliable results. Trust Ohaus for all your centrifuge accessory needs.
 Ohaus 30314875 Centrifuge Rack, 4x15ml D17mm RB, 2/pk

Ohaus Centrifuge Rack, 4x15ml D17mm RB, 2/pk