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Ohaus 8004-MA Spring Mechanical Scale, 2000g x 50g

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The Ohaus 80000044, 8004-MA Spring Mechanical Scale is a reliable and versatile tool for all your weighing needs. Designed to deliver accurate and reproducible results, this scale is perfect for general weighing, force experiments, action-reaction demonstrations, and much more.

Featuring a large faceplate, the Ohaus Demonstration Spring Scale ensures easy viewing of measurements. This makes it an ideal choice for classroom experiments, allowing students to easily and accurately measure a variety of materials. The scale can measure in N (Newton) and hg (hectogram), providing flexibility for different types of experiments.

The pull type design of this spring scale incorporates OHAUS quality, with a custom internal spring mechanism. This ensures accurate and consistent measurements every time. Additionally, this scale offers the convenience of displaying measurements in multiple units, including grams, ounces, pounds, and Newtons. This versatility allows you to choose the unit that best suits your needs.

The Ohaus Dial Type Spring Scale is another option in the Ohaus 80000044, 8004-MA range. Featuring a large dial face, this scale offers a versatile and inexpensive way to display measurements in grams, Newtons, and Avoirdupois ounces. Whether you are conducting experiments in a classroom, laboratory, or out in the field, this scale is a reliable companion.

To ensure you get the most out of your Ohaus 80000044, 8004-MA Spring Mechanical Scale, refer to the product manual. This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to operate the scale effectively and achieve accurate results.

Invest in the Ohaus 80000044, 8004-MA Spring Mechanical Scale for a reliable and versatile weighing solution. With its durable construction and accurate measurements, this scale is the perfect tool for educators, scientists, and anyone in need of a dependable weighing instrument. Order yours today and experience the precision and convenience of Ohaus scales.
 Ohaus 80000044, 8004-MA Spring Mechanical Scale, 2000g x 50g

Ohaus 8004-MA Spring Mechanical Scale, 2000g x 50g